Can I pause my subscription?

Find out when you can pause, and what it means for your next billing cycle here.

In 2022, we launched the option for monthly subscribers to pause their memberships for one to three months. This feature will be available in the Billing tab of your account profile, like here:

pause subscription

Pausing your subscription allows you to complete the remainder of your billing cycle, and when you'd normally renew next, instead your billing will be suspended for the length of time you selected during your pause.

Once your billing is paused, you'll still have access to all resources available as a free member. Once your pause period ends, your subscription will renew at your standard rate to continue your access to content. You'll receive a reminder email 3 days before the end of your pause period, as well as an email to confirm your subscription is unpaused. 

Once your account is paused, you'll have all important dates (when you'll lose access to content, when you're account will be unpaused and billed) reflected directly in your billing tab:

pause confirmation

Currently we only offer the option to pause for monthly subscribers who have paid via Paddle, our current payment provider. If you are on an annual membership or paid via FastSpring, this option will not be visible within your account.