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Do I need programming experience?

Some experience in programming will help, but you don't have to be an expert yet.

We recommend that you have some prior exposure to coding or programming before starting the bootcamp. While you don't have to have prior knowledge of mobile development, it does help.

If you are in the situation of having less prior experience, you can still succeed at the bootcamp, but as the pace can be aggressive, expect to need more time for studying, and be ready to ask your mentors lots of questions (they love questions!). Students who have worked through our Your First App video courses for iOS or Android should be reasonably prepared for our bootcamps if they have the time to learn.

If you think you'll need to go slower than the pace required for our live bootcamp cohorts, we plan to offer a self-paced, more asynchronous program later in 2023. We hope this can accommodate more students!

If you're considering the Flutter bootcamp, then it's required that you have some experience building and shipping iOS and Android apps.