Do you cancel live-sessions that are scheduled for holidays?

Learn what to expect when there is a holiday and class session.

No. Live-sessions are conducted regardless of holidays. 

This is because our mentors and students are not all in the same country or time zone - we are spread across the world! What is a holiday for one person might be a regular day for others. In addition, everyone’s schedules are different - one person might see a holiday as a day during which they can spend more time on bootcamp work, while another might have family or other obligations on holidays. 

**The only exception is US Thanksgiving, which is held on the fourth Thursday in November. Live-sessions that day may be held or canceled depending on mentor commitments.**

Students are allowed to miss a few live-sessions (see the Student Guide) and still graduate, so feel free to skip sessions if you have a local holiday. You can watch the recording afterwards to catch up.