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Do you offer educator discounts?

If you are an instructor for a class, you may be eligible to have a sneak peek at content for free

If you're an instructor for a class at any level of learning and have identified Kodeco as a potential resource for your students, we're thrilled! We can't wait to help your students better understand mobile app development and know the process of making sure our material is a good fit for you is an important step.

To help with that, you can request a free evaluation copy of the digital-book you're considering to be added to your account. Do keep in mind this copy is only intended for your use and is not to be shared with students or others.

To take us up on this offer, you do need to register with a free account with your school email. Once this is set up and confirmed, please fill out the information below so we can get the copy over to you. To help with the process, we ask that you link us to the class description you'll be teaching.

Bulk orders of digital or printed books over 10 copies get a special discounted price, so if you decide to move forward with our book for your students please get in touch to arrange that discounted price.