Why is my current plan (or previous plan) for subscription no longer offered?

Learn about the different benefits across all our plans and what they mean for you.

As Kodeco (and before that, raywenderlich.com) has grown, we have offered a few different subscription plans to access our content. Subscribers from our earliest days remember when we only offered video content, but many have joined us through our journey offering book and video content, and a blend of different learning levels.

If you are on a previous subscription or have been with us as a subscriber before, you may have remembered plan names like Pro, Professional, Beginner, Legacy, or other versions. 

If you are currently subscribing on a past plan, we will continue to support you with all features offered in your plan, so no worries on losing access now that we've migrated to Personal membership.

We will no longer be able to offer past plans for purchase, though, so in case you're considering downgrading now, please be aware you will need to upgrade at the new subscription option. 

Please reach out to us at support@kodeco.com in case we can help answer any questions with this!