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How can I change my account preferences?

As a member, we'll send you updates according to your preferences straight to your inbox. Here's how to change those.

Once you sign up for Kodeco, you're offered the chance to hear about new tutorials, content, and updates to your service throughout your time with us. These updates are entirely optional and will be delivered from Kodeco straight to your inbox. Where to unsubscribe or subscribe to these alerts depends on their delivery:

If you'd like to change what alerts you receive from us about free and sales alerts, these changes can be made directly within your Communication Preference section here, like here:

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If you're a subscriber, you'll be sent alerts specific to your experience on the site, and these preferences can be controlled directly in the footer of your emails. On any email, click the 'email preferences' hyperlink there at the bottom of the alert, and select for any alerts you'd like to receive (or not) as appropriate, like here:

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If you continue to receive alerts more than 24 hours after you have updated your preferences, please reach out to us at support@kodeco.com so that we can look into what might be going on.