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How is Learning Path progress tracked?

Team Admins will have access to a dashboard that displays the team progress, here's how Learning Paths show up there.

As team members work through Learning Path videos, you will see your team dashboard update accordingly.

Each Learning Path is divided up into courses and those courses are divided up into individual videos. For example, our iOS User Interfaces with SwiftUI has 4 courses, and each course several video lessons to work through. Each of those 4 courses represents 25% of the overall Learning Path. As each course is completed, the user progress advances in increments of 25% until it reaches 100%.

To have one course marked as complete, all videos in the course must be completed. This means team members cannot skip any video tutorial in the course, and they must be watched all the way through. If a team member is reporting they have completed a course but the dashboard is not updating appropriately, ask them to double-check all videos have been watched all the way through.

It's a good habit to mark videos as manually completed once team members have completed watching as well.