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How to update my communication preferences?

Make sure you're only receiving the alerts you want to your inbox on newsletters, promotions, or book chapters.

We offer several regular emails depending on what you'd like to hear news on, and the settings for these emails are all available directly in your account dashboard. To set your communication preferences, visit this page once you're logged into your account, and select or deselect the email subscriptions you'd prefer:

Screenshot 2022-11-08 at 13.38.25

For a little more on what to expect with each subscription option:

  • Kodeco Weekly: This is our weekly outreach highlighting specific tutorials we think you'll enjoy and a fun note from the team on what's been happening that week.
  • Updates to Products You Own: If you've purchased a book individually in the past, subscribing to these will let you know when a new version has been released and has been automatically added to your account to check out.
  • Free Sample Chapters and Sales: Whenever a new book is released, we might send out a sneaky peak at what's inside just in case you're interested in purchasing. This email list is also for hearing about other promotions, such as our Spring Sale and Black Friday Sale, including any other price drop events in between.