If I struggle with a concept or homework, can I ask my mentor to hop on a video call to help me?

Where to reach out for help when struggling with concepts from the Bootcamp.

The access you’ll have to mentors is explained in this section of the Student Guide. In short, our mentors aren’t paid to provide on-call video chat support for students. Most of them have full-time jobs themselves, and are mentoring in their spare time. They’re here because they are excited about helping students learn, but please don’t ask them to give you one-on-one private tutoring.

To get your questions answered, use Discord! Post in the bootcamp channel, and a mentor (or fellow student) will help you out as soon as they can. Check out the link above for details on how best to do that. We’ll also offer office hours (1-2 hours per week) where mentors can join you in a video Discord channel to help answer questions and solve issues.

If you feel you will need more access to mentors or live instruction than what is listed in the Student Guide, this is likely not a good program for you. Please talk to the bootcamp coordinator about a refund before the program starts.