I'm having trouble watching a video, what should I do?

Where to find tips to resolve your problem with video playback

Sorry to hear our videos are not playing well for you! These are a few steps to try out to see if it can be resolved, or to understand better what videos are being affected:
  • Try a different browser and see if you’re still seeing the same error (try Chrome, Firefox, or Safari - if you're not already using one of these)
  • Try playing a different video and see if it’s all videos or just the one video erroring?
  • Try to open the same URL in a private or incognito window. To do this, right-click on your browser icon and click to open either an incognito window or a private browsing window (depending on your browser).
    • Navigate to the same URL and try playing the video again after logging into your Kodeco account.
  • Double-check that you have JavaScript enabled on your browser by clicking through to this tab (if it isn’t, enable it according to the instructions there).
  • Disable any browser plugins that can block content (ad-blockers sometimes do this even though our videos don’t contain ads, for example).
  • Take a look at the JavaScript console for your browser (if you’re unsure how to do this please check this guide here) Take a screenshot of any errors (usually in red) and send them to us.
  • If you’re still seeing issues, please go to this site to perform an internet speed test and then send us the link you’ll receive on completion of the test.

All our videos are hosted on Vimeo, a service that provides excellent playback for most of our members. If you live in a country where this service is blocked, however, this will not play regardless of the above steps. Some members have success using privacy-optimized browsers, such as Tor, or a reliable VPN. 

If you’re still seeing problems after trying the above, though, please send us a screenshot of what it looks like when you try to play the video to support@kodeco.com (along with your browser and membership information) and we’ll take a closer look.