What are Kodeco Member Discounts?

Find out what Kodeco Member Discounts are and where to find them

Launched in January 2023, Kodeco now offers exclusive Member Discounts to our Beginner, Pro, Legacy and Enterprise members. 

The Member Discount landing page is only accessible to members with an active subscription, and can be found in your account dropdown menu here:

What are the discounts?

Member Discounts are special discounts for services and products you already use as a developer (or human!), like 25% off in-app payment management services, or 20% off a Git client service, all searched out and organized by Kodeco. We also do not receive a commission or benefit for your redeeming the discount offered - we just like offering you a better deal on things you'd already need as a developer! 

Have a service or product you'd like to see on that page? Send us a suggestion to support@kodeco.com and we'll see if we can help!