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What are your Professional Development Seminars?

Here's all you need to learn about our Professional Development Seminars and how they can help you level-up

Our Professional Development Seminars are monthly meetups where an expert speaker or panel of expert speakers present on a specific topic to a live virtual audience. The topics we organize for these seminars vary from how to manage or work in a remote team, to everything about Kotlin multiplatform and how it is useful for developers. 

Our speakers are compensated for their time and carefully prepare an informative discussion which always includes space for a question and answer session from the audience, which means if you join you get to lead the discussion where it's most helpful for you. 

Please note that these seminars are organized monthly for our annual Ultimate Professional members on plans starting from our Black Friday 2021 subscription and later. 

If you have questions on how to access these great resources or believe you're missing access, please email us at support@kodeco.com.