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What does Kodeco mean?

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That’s a funny story. When we set out to find a name, we looked at literally hundreds — hundreds — of names. From literal to abstract, from the funny to the sublime, from techy to artsy, we considered them all. But what we discovered in that process was that our team really wanted two things – a name that reflected their identity as a coding educational community, and a name that wasn’t too meaningless. We eventually circled around code + community + company and came up with Kodeco. And there’s a hidden secret in that name, as well as our stylized K logo with the repeating blocks. Since the name is pronounced “Code-ECHO”, we also take it to represent our duty to educate other developers, and lift them up so they, in turn, can help educate other developers. So the legacy of our mission “echoes” down through each successive generation of devs. The repeating blocks in the logo also represent that echo factor, but also a sense of connection between our team, and devs everywhere. Teamwork helps you dream bigger.