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What format are the books in?

Check out your options with ePub, PDF, and what's included with our digital reader.

With a Kodeco subscription, you can read all books available in your subscription through our online reader on web and mobile. A subscription, however, does not give you access to the ePUB or PDF version of the book.

Books purchased individually may additionally be downloaded in ePUB or PDF format. To find your PDF or ePUB version of your purchased book, follow these directions or follow the steps in the video below:

  1. Go to your My Products section of your account (you can find that here).
  2. Click on the book you'd like to download, which will take you to the book's main page.
  3. Just below the "Download supporting materials" button, you'll see a hyperlinked text that says "Access other versions and formats". Click on this.
  4. Here you'll see the history of version releases, where each has the archived PDF and ePUB download link, as available. Click the version and format you'd like to download.
  5. Your download will start immediately. 
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Not all versions will be supported with both ePUB and PDF formats in older versions, with some older versions only listing PDF download options. 

If you have a subscription already and wish to purchase single books to access the ePUB version, please contact support@kodeco.com and they'll get you sorted.

If you are interested in the print versions of our books, these are sold through Amazon.com. We recommend that you buy the most recent edition of the book. When you purchase the printed version of our books, you will have access to the source code provided with all tutorials, but you will not have access to the digital versions or any updated version releases.