What if the assignment release schedule doesn’t work for me?

Find out what to do if the Homework Schedule is too difficult.

We understand that everyone has different schedules - one person might intend to work on the bootcamp primarily during the weekends, while another might have work or family commitments on the weekends and thus can only work on the bootcamp during the week.

However, we’ve found that simultaneously giving out both the content and homework assignments for the week, or giving out the next week’s assignments in advance, results in confusion. The students who work ahead wind up asking questions in the Discord channels about that ahead-of-schedule content or homework, which makes students who aren’t working ahead anxious about feeling behind, or confused about what the work-ahead students are talking about. The stated release schedule is a compromise so that the majority of students can succeed by working through the content together.

If the assignment release schedule doesn’t work for you, this bootcamp program may not be a good fit. Please talk to the Bootcamp Coordinator about options and a possible refund. We hope to launch a work-at-your-own-pace program later this year, which may work better for your needs.