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What is a Learning Path?

Learning Paths are progressive tutorials created to help you get started in learning a specific topic

Our team creators wanted to make it easy for new learners to a topic break into the subject by taking the work out of wondering where to start. That's where Learning Paths came from. You can see a selection of Learning paths from your Learn tab, like here:

HubSpot Video

These will take you through a segmented path touching on individual subjects, at the end of which you'll earn a badge. 

Want to get started on a Learning Path right for you? I'd recommend:

  • For iOS learners: I'd recommend getting started with the iOS and Swift for Beginners path here. This path is deliverable-oriented, so you should have an actual app created once you complete all of this path.
  •  For Kotlin and Android learners: Our path called Polish your Android App is a great tutorial for established Android developers familiar with the basics who are looking to take their app to the next level. We also have beginner-level tutorials too, like our Android and Kotlin for Beginners path.
  • For Flutter learners: The Flutter Fundamentals path is a comprehensive introduction to all things Flutter and will get you ready to continue your learning in this exciting new language.

Let us know if you're looking for content that isn't there, but we hope you find our curated learning paths easy to access and helpful 😁