What method of learning can I expect in the Accelerator bootcamp?

Students can expect a flipped classroom environment, where you use class time to actively engage in material rather than instructors introducing content.

We use the "flipped classroom" method of active learning.

  • In a flipped classroom, students are expected to come to the live sessions having already studied the materials. The only exception is the first day of bootcamp, when the cohort meets for the first time.
  • In between live-sessions, students learn from our world-class content and apply that content by completing weekly homework assignments
  • You'll have asynchronous access to your mentors through a dedicated bootcamp chat channel, where you can get questions answered at any time. We also offer weekly group office hours.
  • Note that while mentors may demonstrate techniques and concepts in the live-sessions, the live-sessions are not spent teaching in real time as you would find in a traditional classroom. Our Accelerator programs leverage our existing world-class content, created by our team of experts, so that we can offer a bootcamp at a fraction of the cost of a program that features hours of live teaching each week.
  • During the live-sessions, mentors will introduce content and homework assignments, go into depth on concepts where needed, troubleshoot issues students are running into, and explain homework answers once assignments are graded. 
  • Thanks to the flipped classroom method, mentors can focus on coaching students through the material as students create their Capstone App, a non-trivial and full-featured app that students can use as a showcase of their skills for potential employers.