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What tools are included in the books to help me learn?

Once you purchase a subscription or individual book, you'll have multiple options and settings available to help you learn

We offer over 50 books on all different topics of mobile app development, all of which support tools to help you learn best:
  • An online reader or other formats: With your Personal membership, you’ll have access to all books in our service right from your profile in our online reader. 
  • Access past versions of content. For members who have purchased individual books or are on their company Team & Enterprise subscription, you can check out the PDF or ePub versions of our books by locating the version you’re looking for on our site and opening up the “Access other versions and formats” link, like with our Git Apprentice book.
  • Take notes, search, and highlight content: All words are created equal, but some are more equal than others, which is why we support highlighting and taking notes throughout all our books. Simply select the text you’re looking to call out, choose your color, then add notes as needed. If you're looking for a particular word or phrase, you can also use your ‘search’ function to navigate through the book.
  • Bookmark content: Yup, bookmarking as it was always intended. Use our bookmark icon at any point in your reading to save your place. Access that spot again through your Bookmarks in your profile (please keep in mind, only videos are viewable in the app, for books you’ll have to kick it web-browser-style). As you mark sections complete or navigate past them, you’ll also see them ticked off in your sidebar viewer.
  • Download the Source Code: Most books will come with downloadable content to help you work through and apply the ideas you’ll be learning about. Check out the “Before you begin” chapter for a link to the GitHub page to download the files, as well as a link to the dedicated Forum to ask questions specific to the book.

As with all our content, we provide a direct link to the community on our Forum in every book's 'Getting Started' section so you can ask additional questions that might come up.