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What tools come with video tutorials that help me learn?

Our video tutorials all include the option to turn on and off captions, playback quality and speed, as well as bookmarking and syncing across the app

With all our videos across both the app and website, we include many options to help you learn the best way possible:
  • Captions: Listening AND reading what someone is saying is the best way to absorb the topic, which is why we have a handy CC button on all our video toolbars. Click this and you’ll see closed captioning in English pop up along with what the instructor is saying.
  • Transcripts: All new videos (and we are updating past videos) from December 2022 will have transcripts. These include the dialogue, code snippets, and time stamps of the video contents. Clicking on the timestamps will fast-forward the video to the correct point. 
  • Playback Quality: Need to move to 720p for the best playback experience? Click the gear icon in your video toolbar section and you’ll be able to navigate to the setting that works best for your display or use the automatic setting enabled on all our videos to detect and select the best playback option for you.
  • Bookmarking: Just below the video player you’ll see a small tab to bookmark content, clicking this will save this content to your bookmarks found here so you can access your spot again in the future from your profile.   
  • Video options in the app: Along with your subscription, you’ll have access to our app that will automatically sync your progress in videos from the site to your mobile app profile, along with all your bookmarks. You also have options to slow the playback to 0.5x and 2.0x speed to suit your needs in the settings area of your app once you log in.