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What’s included in the Beginner Subscription?

Check out all the videos, books, and articles included in your Beginner subscription.

With the Kodeco Beginner Subscription, you get access to all content in the following learning paths, both on the website and inside our official Kodeco mobile app:

iOS and Swift Beginning Learning Paths

  • iOS and Swift for Beginners: 5 courses
  • iOS User Interfaces: 5 courses
  • iOS Data and Networking: 5 courses
  • iOS IDEs and Tools: 3 courses

Android and Kotlin Beginning Learning Paths

  • Android and Kotlin for Beginners: 4 courses
  • Android User Interfaces: 3 courses
  • Android Data and Networking: 3 courses

General Software Engineering

  • Software Engineering for Mobile Developers: 3 courses

In addition to the content in these learning paths, you also get access to all other beginner video content on the site.

You also get access to the following beginner-level, online-only books on our site:

  • iOS Apprentice
  • Swift Apprentice
  • Android Apprentice
  • Kotlin Apprentice
  • Flutter Apprentice
  • Dart Apprentice
  • Git Apprentice

In total, the Beginner Subscription gives you access to over 1,500+ videos and seven full-length books designed to help you build your first apps, and to get you ready for more advanced development.