What’s not included in Legacy, Beginner, or Pro Subscriptions?

If you're on a Legacy plan now, you may not be reaching the full potential of your membership.

The Kodeco Legacy Subscriptions (original Legacy, Legacy Beginner and Legacy Professional) are video-only subscriptions that provide access to our video content on our site as well as through our mobile app. With how much we've grown since you originally subscribed, you may be missing out on a lot of features that make Kodeco now the most valuable mobile app development on the web.

Our Beginner and Pro subscribers are able to access both Video and Book content, however you may be surprised to hear what features you'll be missing out on as we continue to grow our membership offerings - quizzes, custom Learning Paths, and assessments included 😁

Please get in touch with our team here and we'll be able to share more details on what is available with our newly updated subscription plans.