What’s the difference between an individual subscription and the team subscription?

Learn more about what you get between all our different plans.

An individual subscription, which is our Personal subscription, gets one person access to video courses and books. Personal subscribers only have access to the most recent version of content, so no past versions to access legacy code, and other features.

A Team & Enterprise Subscription lets you purchase and manage multiple seats for your team so they can access all of our video courses and book content. Personal Subscriptions are for individuals only and do not have the team enterprise subscription's analytics or license management tools.


  • Cannot be reassigned if team members leave
With Personal there is no: 
  • Team collaboration
  • Single point of billing
  • Single Sign On
  • Bootcamp discounts
  • Volume discounts
  • Analytics
  • Team metrics 

When compared with Personal membership options, the Team & Enterprise plan gives you access to everything for a third of the price.