When will content and homework assignments be released? Can I work ahead?

Find out where to find homework assignments and when they'll be released.

Our bootcamps are set up assuming that students can spend 20-25 hours on the bootcamp, with those hours spread throughout the week. It is not set up for students who can only work during the weekend or only on weeknights. 

  • Content assignments will be released the day of the first live-session of the week (Monday). 
  • You're expected to learn the content between the first and second live-session of the week.
  • Homework assignments will be released the day of the second live-session of the week (Thursday), or in some cases the day before (Wednesday).
  • Homework assignments are due by the next live-session, so you're expected to complete them over the weekend.

We don’t recommend working ahead, and won't be releasing documents early. While we are very sympathetic to difficult schedules, our bootcamps are built around having students work through the content and assignments together. If this won’t work for you, please see the next question.