Where can I ask a question?

How and where to use our community to reach your goals

While our Member Experience team is great for supporting you in accessing all parts of your membership, they aren't always able to help with technical questions. We have a few choices when it comes to asking questions  - either our Forum or joining our Discord server.

The Forum

Our Forum is an open posting environment where anyone can come and ask a question - about our service, a coding question, or anything else that comes up along the way. The Forum is open to any registered member, so feel free to stop by and say hello!


Our Discord server is also open to all registered members once you’ve linked your account. Log in and get started in any of our themed rooms to help answer your questions, network with other members, hear about companies hiring, or anything else buzzing in your brain.

Stop by either community to check-in or hang out with other developers!

What is Discord?

Discord is our online chat community network set up to connect users who have similar interests. By logging into the Kodeco Discord Server and starting the conversation, you’re connecting with other developers also focused on all aspects of mobile app development. 

In case you’re curious, check out Discord’s safety center here. We also provide guidelines and rules for participating in the community, found here