Where can I find job postings for Kodeco?

Find out how to join our core team or our creator team

Here at Kodeco, we know that many parts come together to create our wonderful site: the team of over 400 creators who write, film, and edit our educational resources, and our core team that keeps the day to day up and running. Here's how you can apply for either of these areas:

Become a Creator

To become a Creator, we have a careful application process, which you can find here. In case you have any questions about the process or your status, you can reach out to us at support@kodeco.com. All applications will receive feedback and response, no matter what, though review can take some time.

We don't currently allow any guest posting or links on our site or content, so this is the best way to become a writer for us if you're interested in sharing your knowledge 😁

Join our Core Team

The team behind the daily life of what is formerly known as Razeware is Kodeco, which you can read more about here. We're a very small team with big plans for the future, so you never know when we'll be growing next. Keep an eye for future roles here.