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Which should I choose, a live bootcamp or an on-demand bootcamp?

Kodeco’s Live Bootcamps are the ideal choice for learners who:

  • Desire structure and routine, committing to two enriching live sessions per week at preset times.
  • Seek to harness the adrenaline and motivation from tight deadlines to propel their growth.
  • Value the camaraderie of collaborating and growing alongside a dedicated cohort of like-minded peers.
  • Benefit from hands-on mentorship, cherishing the in-depth guidance and feedback that our experienced mentors provide.

Kodeco’s On-Demand Bootcamps
are tailor-made for individuals who:
  • Cherish freedom and flexibility, requiring a learning model that molds to their unique lifestyles and time constraints.
  • Exhibit strong self-discipline, setting and adhering to their personal study schedules with gusto.
  • Delight in independent exploration, navigating the world of coding at a pace that aligns with their absorption and comfort.
  • Appreciate financial flexibility, favoring a pay-as-you-go system that lets them invest in their education on their terms.

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